Por Luis López | 07 junio 2019 | Eventos

Madrid, capital of flavours 2019.


Throughout the morning of October 22, in the incomparable environment of PALACIO DE LAS ALHAJAS, will take place the Madrid FlavourDay 2019 which has been designed to promote the meeting of the different stakeholders that, in one way or another, have a close relationship with the exciting world of flavours, senses and food, to deepen their contribution to the development of a more reliable, conscious, healthy, sustainable and attractive future to the whole society.




11:30   Registration and welcome.
12:00    Opening speeches by:
               • Mr. Jean MANE, IOFI President,
               • Mr. Antoine KASTLER, EFFA President,
               • Mr. José SOLÁ, AEFAA.
12:15   Keynote Speech “The challenges of a healthy nutrition”, given by Ms. Elena Roura, Scientific Director at Fundació Alicia.
13:00     Round table on “The role of flavourings in the future of a healthy and sustainable food”.
Moderated by Mr. Narcís GRÈBOL, with the participation of the following panellists:
               • Mr. Victorio TERUEL, Deputy General Director for the Promotion of Food
               Safety of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition,
               • Mr. Enrico FRABETTI, Director of the Food Policy, Nutrition & Health Department
               of FIAB,
               • Mr. Alexander MOHR, Executive Director of EFFA.
13:45    Tasting workshops in charge of AEFAA company members:
               • Creativity
               • Sustainability
               • Conscious diet
               • Made in Spain
14:30    Lunch, served by Life Gourmet.
15:30     Closing and end of the day.


The program includes a monographic conference by an expert in health and eating habits and the celebration of a round table in which representatives of the Administration, the food and beverage industry and the aroma sector will exchange and discuss opinions on the role of flavourings in the future of a healthy and sustainable food and answer questions from the moderator and the rest of the attendees.

The day will continue with the staging of several specialized workshops, led by AEFAA company members, which will allow us to enjoy new sensory experiences, which will undoubtedly be an excellent prelude to the final lunch.